Optical Fibre Tension Meter, Glass Fibre tension Meter
Tension Meter DTSF
December 12, 2019
Tension Meter DTSE
December 12, 2019

Tension Meter DTXE

4 Tension ranges available
from 1 – 200 cN up to 20 – 2000 cN

For applications in textile industry up to max. 2000 tex or wire industry for Cu wire up to 0.5 mm Ø

Electronic tension meter with small measuring head, for applications with limited access space or where filaments run close together

Tension meter with various helpful functions for detailed data recording and analyse – Professional Instrument!


Special Features

Additional functions in comparison to basic instrument DTSE

• Memory for 60.000 readings

• USB interface

• Tension meter DTXE with 5 different memory modes:
Mode S: statistics only
Mode H: storage of the X-Y-diagram for reviewing after finishing a series of measurement (e.g. short time spooling)
Mode C: continuous logging over a user set time and different series of measurement (2 Hz)
Mode F: fast, continuous logging over a user set time and different series of measurement (1000 Hz)
Mode D: storage of single readings and statistic

• 10 Material memory locations for customer made calibrations

• Software Tension Inspect 3 for displaying real-time readings on a PC and to store them into a file

• Wi-Fi module for wireless communication with a PC (optional)

Function of basic instrument DTXE

• Small measuring head width with of only 36 mm for measurements at positions with limited space

• Turned-up outer finger edges guide the running filament into the roller grooves

• Length of measuring head approx. 64 mm

• Small, ball-bearing mounted, V-grooved guide rollers

• Calibration with Polyamide Monofilament (PA)

• Tension meter DTXE with large, backlight LCD-display

• 3 different display modes:
– numeric
– numeric with bargraph
– numeric with graph (Time-Tension)

• The display rotates in 90° steps for better reading

• New, unique, force reduced material catching system

• Automatic „Zero-Setting“ in each measuring position using a special sensor technique

• 4 Material memory locations for customer made calibrations

• Calibration adjustment for fine tuning of the calibration if material differs from the used calibration material

• Programmable MIN- and MAX alarms: indication in the display, if reading is out of limits

• High speed data sampling (internal 8 kHz) and recording of MIN-, MAX-, last reading, PEAKS, average and standard deviation

• Selectable units of measurement: cN, daN, g, kg, N, lb

• Menu set-up in English or German language

• Flexible menu set-up to meet operators demand

• Some functions can be password protected

Standard Features

• Everything in operator’s view:
– the guide rollers
– the measured material
– the readings

• Filament guide and roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the running material

• Rubberized handle provides a secure hold in the operators‘ hand

• Tension meter DTXE with rugged aluminium housing

• LiPo Accumulator (approx. 40 hours continuous operation) with AC adapter

• CE certified, interference resistant against static electrifications

• Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included

• Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Available Models 

Model Measuring
Resolution Measuring
Head Width*
Textile Industry
e. g. Yarn Count
DTXE-200 1 – 200.0 cN 0.1 cN 36 mm max. 200 tex 0.12 mm Ø
DTXE-500 1 – 500.0 cN 0.1 cN 36 mm max. 500 tex 0.20 mm Ø
DTXE-1000 10 – 1000 cN 1 cN 36 mm max. 1000 tex 0.30 mm Ø
DTXE-2000 20 – 2000 cN 1 cN 36 mm max. 2000 tex 0.50 mm Ø

* Width of bracket assembly
** Suitable for 95 % of applications

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