Tension Meter DTSL
December 12, 2019
Optical Fibre Tension Meter, Glass Fibre tension Meter
Tension Meter DTSF
December 12, 2019

Tension Meter DTXF

4 Tension ranges available
from 1 – 200 cN up to 20 – 2000 cN

Applications for fragile filaments with Ø up to max. 1.5 mm

Electronic tension meter for applications in different industries

Tension meter with various helpful functions for detailed data recording and analyse – Professional Instrument !


Special Features

Additional functions in comparison to basic instrument DTSF

• Memory for 60.000 readings

• USB interface

• Tension meter DTXF with 5 different memory modes:
Mode S: statistics only
Mode H: storage of the X-Y-diagram for reviewing after finishing a series of measurement (e.g. short time spooling)
Mode C: continuous logging over a user set time and different series of measurement (2 Hz)
Mode F: fast, continuous logging over a user set time and different series of measurement (1000 Hz)
Mode D: storage of single readings and statistic

• 10 Material memory locations for customer made calibrations

• Software Tension Inspect 3 for displaying real-time readings on a PC and to store them into a file

• Wi-Fi module for wireless communication with a PC (optional)

Function of basic instrument DTSF

• Large, v-grooved guide rollers with 32 groove diameter, ball bearing mounted

• Large bending radius assures gentle handling of the material being measured

• Special guides on the bracket assembly permit easy material acquisition

• Calibration with Polyamide Monofilament (PA)

• Tension meter DTXF with large, backlight LCD-display

• 3 different display modes:
– numeric
– numeric with bargraph
– numeric with graph (Time-Tension)

• The display rotates in 90° steps for better reading

• New, unique, force reduced material catching system

• Automatic „Zero-Setting“ in each measuring position using a special sensor technique

• 4 Material memory locations for customer made calibrations

• Calibration adjustment for fine tuning of the calibration if material differs from the used calibration material

• Programmable MIN- and MAX alarms: indication in the display, if reading is out of limits

• High speed data sampling (internal 8 kHz) and recording of MIN-, MAX-, last reading, PEAKS, average and standard deviation

• Selectable units of measurement: cN, daN, g, kg, N, lb

• Menu set-up in English or German language

• Flexible menu set-up to meet operators demand

• Some functions can be password protected

Standard Features

• Everything in operator’s view:
– the guide rollers
– the measured material
– the readings

• Filament guide and roller shifting mechanism ensure easy acquisition of the running material

• Rubberized handle provides a secure hold in the operators‘ hand

• Tension meter DTXF with rugged aluminium housing

• LiPo accumulator (approx. 40 hours continuous operation) with AC adapter

• CE certified, interference resistant against static electrifications

• Certificate of Compliance with the order 2.1 according EN 10204 is included

• Optionally available: Inspection Certificate 3.1 according EN 10204 with calibration report

Available Models 

Model Measuring
Resolution Measuring
Head Width*
Calibration Material PA**
DTXF-200 1 – 200.0 cN 0.1 cN 140 mm 0.12 mm Ø
DTXF-500 1 – 500.0 cN 0.1 cN 140 mm 0.20 mm Ø
DTXF-1000 10 – 1000 cN 1 cN 140 mm 0.30 mm Ø
DTXF-2000 20 – 2000 cN 1 cN 140 mm 0.50 mm Ø

* Outer distance between outside guide rollers
** Suitable for 95 % of applications

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