Test Stand MX-500N
January 15, 2020
Test Stand EMX-1000N
January 15, 2020

Test Stand MX2-500N

max. capacity 500 N

Vertical motorized test stand for single and continuous tests with digital adjustable travel speed

For compression and tension measurement

Test stand is equipped with timer and counter unit for endurance tests


Special Features

2 operation modes:
• Single or continuous operation for constant test conditions
– manual operation: Feed continuous so long as button is pressed or he limit switch is reached
– continuous cycle operation: Force gauge travels a defined distance continuously up and down

• The adjusted speed is indicated in the display

• Integrated timer and counter function for accomplishment of endurance tests (To apply constant force for a certain number of strokes and/or at certain time
• The display shows the adjusted basic conditions, as well as the executed strokes, respectively the elapsed time.

• Test stand MX2-500N with infinitely adjustable travel speed from 10 to 300 mm/min

• 2 manual adjustable limit switches for inversion of the direction

• Gauge overload protection in combination with force gauge ZTS, ZTA or display unit FA Plus only (additional connecting cable is necessary)

• 3 different speeds adjustable (Start, measuring back)

• Travel distance 240 mm

• FSA: In combination with force gauge model ZTA and software »Force Recorder Professional« force-displacement and force-time graphs can be generated

Test stand for the following force gauge up to 500 N:
– mechanical – model PS and FB
– electronic (recommended) – model DST, DSV, ZTS and ZTA

Standard Features

• The design of the test stand is more rugged than series MX

• Large baseplate to take up a lot of clamps and testing devices

• Delivery of the test stand includes mounting screws for the force gauge

• Force gauge is not included

Available Models

Model Capacity Description
MX2-500N 500 N standard unit
MX2-500N-S 500 N with distance measuring system (Mitutoyo)
MX2-500N-L 500 N with longer stroke
MX2-500N-FA 500 N integrated linear scale
MX2-500N-CN 500 N with interface for external signal
MX2-500N-V600 250 N travel speed 20 – 600 mm/min
MX2-500N-V90 500 N travel speed 3 – 90 mm/min
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