Torque Meter HTGS and HTGA
January 15, 2020
Torque Stand MTS
January 15, 2020

Torque Meter DTXS and DTXA

Measuring ranges 2.000/5.000/10.00 Nm
resolution 0.001 Nm/0.01 Nm

Desktop-torque meter with memory and output signal for checking the opening and close torque of screw caps of bottles, glass jars, cosmetics etc.

For applications in beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry etc.

Torque meter with digital output signal for data processing with a PC


Special Features

• Displaying the opening or closing torque (clockwise and counterclockwise torque)

2 selectable modes:
– Real Time: to display load transients
– Peak: to capture the peak torque achieved during a test

• Table for containers with Ø from 20 to 160 mm (small table for diameters from Ø 7 up to 50 mm is available) – standard unit

• Programmable high/low setpoints for go/no-go testing with color-coded indicators (orange, green, red) in the LED display and relay outputs

• Torque meter with high internal sampling rate of 2000 times/sec

• Display update time 10 times/sec

• Torque meter with easy to read display (OLED)

• Selectable units: Nm, kgfm, or Ncm, kgfcm,

• Storage of 1000 values for recall:
– on the display
– for data transfer to a PC
– for printing with report

• 4 output signals: USB, RS-232, analog, and Mitutoyo Digimatic

Special features of model DTXA in comparison to standard unit DTXS

• Readings can be transferred from the internal memory to an USB flash drive or directly saved on it (sampling rate 100 times/sec).

• 2 high/low output values can be set; If the reading reaches one of the output values, data will be sent to external devices (e.g. PC, printer) for data recording

• Indication of two peak values per measurement, e. g. closure with rated break point

Standard Features

• Torque meter for fast, accurate measuring

• High repeatability

• Easy to use

• Inclusive 30 days trial version of Software »Force Recorder Professional«

• Manufacturer`s certificate with measured values is included

Available Models Standard Unit*

Model Model Measuring Range
DTXS-2N DTXA-2N 0 – 2.000 Nm (200 Ncm) 0.001 Nm (0.1 Ncm)
DTXS-5N DTXA-5N 0 – 5.000 Nm (500 Ncm) 0.001 Nm (0.1 Ncm)
DTXS-10N DTXA-10N 0 – 10.00 Nm (1000 Ncm) 0.01 Nm (1 Ncm)

* includes table DT-TB

Available Models – Self Configurated

Model Model Description
DTXS-2N-Z DTXA-2N-Z without table
DTXS-5N-Z DTXA-5N-Z without table
DTXS-10N-Z DTXA-10N-Z without table
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