Torque Meter DTXS and DTXA
January 15, 2020
Yarn Speed and Length Meter YS-20
January 15, 2020

Torque Stand MTS

Measuring ranges 0 – 2.000 Nm, 5.000 Nm or 10.00 Nm resolution depending on the range 0.001 Nm or 0.01 Nm

Motorized test stand for determining and testing the opening and closing forces of screw caps, used for bottles, cans, cosmetic products etc. Further application areas are testing torque switches, plugs, lenses etc.
The most important sectors of industry are the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, beverage and electronic industry, etc.

Torque stand assures constant, identical measuring conditions


Special Features

• The motorized torque stand MTS can be configurated according the customers demand. The torque stand exists out of a test stand depending the sample height, a torque meter with different ranges and features as well as a upper chuck and lower table.

The torque will be measured without influence by the operator. The results are more accurate and significant as measured with a manual device.

• 3 operation modes:
– Normal: Revolution occurs in the selected direction, until the stop-switch will be pressed.
– +NG Stop: Revolution occurs in one direction, until the adjusted value is reached.
– Endurance Test: Repeats the operation in two directions (open – close), within the adjusted limits (MTS series). The number of repeats are shown in the display. The opening and closing angle, as well as the number of repeats can be adjusted with torque stand MTS-RA series.

• The following information are shown in the display:
– Rotational speed e. g. 51.5 °/sec
– Status of the instrument
– Operation mode
– Counter for endurance test

• Max. size of samples:
– upper clamping chuck Ø 20 – 90 mm or Ø 7 – 50 mm
– lower clamping table Ø 20 – 160 mm or Ø 7 – 50 mm
– Max. available sample height 140, 240 mm or 340 mm

• The rotation speed can continuously be adjusted to 3 – 90 degree/sec. The value will be displayed

Special Features DTXS and DTXA

• 2 Display Modes:
– Real Time: displays the actual torque
– Peak Force: to measure and save the peak torque

• Display the opening or closing torque (clockwise and counter clockwise torque)

• 3 selectable units: Nm, kgfm, or Ncm, kgfcm,

• Programmable high/low setpoints for go/no-go testing with color-coded indicators (orange, green, red) in the LED display

• Torque meter with high internal sampling rate of 2000 times/sec to capture peak values

• Storage of 1000 values for recall:
– On the display
– For data transfer to a PC
– For printing with report

• 4 output signals:
USB, RS-232, analog, and Mitutoyo Digimatic

• Display update time 10 times/sec

• Easy to read display (OLED) for Real Time or Peak value including units. Depending to the series additional information are displayed as e. g. memory, number of good tests, limits, 1st and 2nd peak values etc.

Special features of model DTXA in comparison to the standard model DTXS:

• Indication of 1st and 2nd peak value per measurement, e. g. closure with predetermined break point

• Readings can be transferred from the internal memory to an USB flash drive or directly saved on it (sampling rate 100 times/sec)

• 2 comparator values can be set; If the reading reaches one of the output values, data will be sent to external devices (e.g. PC, printer) for data recording

Special features of model MTS-RA in combination with the torque meter DTXA in comparison with the standard model MTS with the torque meter DTXS

• Torque-angle measurements are possible. The software “Force Recorder Professional” is additionally required

Standard Features

• Torque stand MTS for fast, accurate measuring

• High repeatability

• Easy to use

• Inclusive 30 days trial version of Software »Force Recorder Professional«

• Manufacturer`s certificate with measured values is included

Available Torque Stands

Model Max. Sample Height
MTS-10N 140 mm
MTS-10N-L 240 mm
MTS-10N-2L 340 mm
MTS-10N-RA 140 mm with rotary encoder
MTS-10N-L-RA 240 mm with rotary encoder
MTS-10N-2L-RA 340 mm with rotary encoder

Available Models Standard Unit*

Model Model Measruing Range
DTXS-2N DTXA-2N 0 – 2.000 Nm (200 Ncm) 0.001 Nm (0.1 Ncm)
DTXS-5N DTXA-5N 0 – 5.000 Nm (500 Ncm) 0.001 Nm (0.1 Ncm)
DTXS-10N DTXA-10N 0 – 10.00 Nm (1000 Ncm) 0.01 Nm (1 Ncm)

*inclusive table DT-TB

Available Models – Self Configurated

Model Model Description
DTXS-2N-Z DTXA-2N-Z without table
DTXS-5N-Z DTXA-5N-Z without table
DTXS-10N-Z DTXA-10N-Z without table
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